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Who We Are

Khalid Paracha

Visual Artist

I was born in a family who were professional artists, especially my father who worked as a commercial artist for more than 50 years and is still painting as his hobby and selling them as well.


In a way art is in my genes and got inspired by my father at a very young age. Received many prizes in different completion during my schooling and college time. I took medicine as my profession and worked as an Anaesthesiologist until 2020 when I took my early retirement.

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The light at different time of the day particularly at early morning and evening produces excellent shadows which help in producing multi-dimensional images on a flat paper which is enthralling. I hope you will enjoy seeing my efforts.

Although my profession as a doctor was demanding but I continued to paint whenever there was free time. The art work which emerged during that time was sold to raise fund for different charities in Ireland and Pakistan.


Being a visual artist, I paint landscapes, urban scenes and still life in contemporary impressionism in watercolour, oils, acrylic and pastels. My favourite medium is watercolour as it is not only challenging but thrilling as well and it provides some satisfaction in short time.

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